About Steady State ACT

Steady State ACT is a Canberra-based non-government organisation committed to:

·         raising awareness of the limits to economic growth

·         raising awareness of the need to move away from economic growth policies

·         promoting the critical need to move to a steady state economy.

This is because humans are consuming and polluting more quickly than planet Earth can recover –  we are beyond the Earth’s limits to growth. As a result, our native environment is being destroyed and our very society is threatened.

Steady State ACT is the local chapter of the global Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy.


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Director of Steady State ACT

Jonathan Miller is the Director of Steady State ACT.   He has been involved most of his adult life in nature conservation, mainly working with the Australian Government, but also as a volunteer, committee member or employee of non-government conservation organisations.  Jonathan moved his focus to his current work when he realised that Earth’s wonderful plants and animals would never be secured long-term without addressing the underlying drivers of environmental damage. Jonathan has degrees in forest science and mathematics/statistics, has researched economics extensively, and has advised the ACT Government and an Australian Senator on economic policy.

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